Your E2E Business & Digital Operating Model is todays SC !

Leaders Are Pivoting E2E Businss Models from Inside -Out Supply-driven to Outside-In Demand-driven

Manufacturers are under increasing business pressure to transform end to end operating responsivness to meet changing market demand and  respond to variation in customer and buying behaviors while also growing the business leveraging agile product and service processes. 

To add to the complexity ; speed is increasingly a competitive differentiator and continually increasing @the speed of Digital. Social media ,advanced analytics, and internet-based data is readily and increasingly available in "real time" to support smarter hlistic decisions  across the E2E business. The mental model, now starting at  the buyer to focus on meeting customer needs as a business priority, rather than just making to supply or making inventory cost efficiently, is todays business strategic business imperative.

Technology is dramatically improving business capabilities with new technologies like Cloud used as todays agile business application and process deployment model. 

New technologies like AI , Machine Learning and Advanced algorithm-based analytics are dramatically changing the speed of change and smarter business decision making. 

To be succesful transforming the business capabilities from inside- out supply-driven to outside-in demand-driven , the change must be business led and top-down driven against a clear vision of what the ultimate business goals are and what capabilities need to change or improve performance. 

Prioritized strategic capabilities today are, for example; 

1.Achieving and meeting agreed Customer Service Levels.

2. Delivering On Time in Full Performance to the point of purchase.

3.Meeting agreed business ROCE goals ( Return on Capital Employed ) .

This business-led transformation  involves significant change in all aspects and elements of the business :

1.People  ( talent , skills, leadership, teams, and organization design) 

2. Process  design , operation, and capabilities ( pivoting from supply- driven metrics and processes to customer and demand-driven end to end processes.) More likely than not - executing change while the business is operating !

3. Transformaing the technology capabilities of the business to dramatically change performance and operate as end to end demand-driven business . ( For example; visibility, advanced and cognitive analytics, data processing, machine learning, the use of alorthims and planning models, architecture, and process integration) . This includes moving the business to Digital Operating Models .

Stellar Strategic Advisory Corp  together with skilled partners and contracted resources leaders in Stellar stand ready to support you in specialized domains of your business transfortmation project to ensure your business success.

Stellar Strategic Advisory has global credible, recognized, and deep experience as:

1. Trusted advisor in business and IT matters . 

2. Leader coach and development mentor in both business and IT circles.

3. Global Supply Chain, Transformation project definition, project management and support.

4.Digital Thought leadership and strategy development and project management.

5. Benchmarking, specialized research,and best practice advisor.

6. Strategic and tactical Project scope consultant , developer, manager,  workshop leader and facilitator.

7. Supply Chain,, Digit  Manufacturingal, IT, Operations ,and performance benchmarking specialist.

8. Strategic Planning Management Consultant , Operating Model redesign and Transformation Leadership support. 

9. Experienced and skilled Change Management Leader , Coach,and facilitator.

10. Lead the completion and launch of a global supply chain performance improvement ( Production System ) product

10. Regulary invited to present and lead Thought Leadership presentations , workshops, and speaker panels at global leading Manufacturing and Supply Events  

Roddy Martin is a 30 year veteran  in with the following experience :

 1. Experienced Chief Engineer iin a period of multi million $$ global capital expansion projects.

2. Core Manufacturing and Supply Chain Strategy Team ( including World Class Manufacturing and IT Specialist) at a large Global  Manufacturing Company.


3. Business leader in a Coporate Business Tranformation project led by the CEO.

4. SVP analyst leader at AMR Research / Gartner leading  Manufacturing, Digital ,and Supply Chain Operations Transformation best practices, and benchmarking research, 

5. Selected trusted advisor to specific leading global clients and leaders.


6. Managing Director and Partner in Manufacturing, Digital and Supply Chain Transformation at a large Global Management Consulting Company. 

7. Worked as Thought Leader and Project Lead for a large global Pharmaceutical Transformation Project.

8 . Leader of Supply Chain , Manufacturing, and Digtal Operations Cloud -based software products at a global Top 5 Technology Company . This involved rebuilding a Supply Chain Cloud Product Marketing Team.

9. Worked with a global change management thought leader to build a Supply Chain Leader Development Diagnostic and workshop methodology for performance improvement and status benchmaking.

 10. Worked with a global System Integration Management Consultant  to build a Supply Chain Operations Performance Benchmarking Diagnostic and workshop methodology for performance improvement and status benchmaking.

Roddy Martin, Stellar's global Thought Leader and Management Consultant, has experience working with both manufactureres ( leaders in many Fortune 500 companies) and leading global technology vendors. 

Roddy is experienced  working at all levels ; from operations to business executive leadership teams.


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